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July 16, 2005


Bob Kord

WOW, what a way to spend your 30th birthday! Thank you for being a living, breathing, acting witness of Our Lord's love. Not much else can be said. You said it all through your birthday effort.
You tell your men, that one Maine grandfahter with three blue stars on his service flag in the front window is praying daily for all of you.

Julie D.

What a glorious way to spend the day and what a wonderful witness.


Oh I'm feeling the joy in my bones!

What a great birthday and post.

Thanks Shawn for some really good news.

Blessings Always,


Larry Pollins

It's nice to see the many good things that our troops are doing for the Iraqi people. It's too bad that the news media in this country doesn't show this. God Bless you guys and stay safe.

Paul and Kathy Ozanne

I noticed that some of the kids got Beanie Babies. We have a whole pile of them and would love to send them to the kids.

We're just every day American people that pray for the troops and are proud of what you are doing there.

Please let us know what you would like us to do in the way of getting the Beanies to you.

God Bless you in the Name of Jesus Christ.


Very nice. I stole it.

Donna Banes

Hey Shawn,
Glad to know that the beanie babies and school supplies we mailed over to you made it. At least I hope it all did!! If there is something else we can do when school starts up in September just let me know! Everybody wants to do something again!
Take care and stay safe! You are all in my prayers!


You are an inspiration.

Brian Huard

Great post, great web site. Thank you for your service to the Lord and your country.
Those of us serving Him in the private sector owe you our thanks, and our daily prayers.
Brian Huard


Watch out for the IEDs.

You may be interested in my blog on insurgency warfare and the war in Iraq, the WOT and other things. I've got a rather long article on there about platter charges.

If you like it, link it.

Tahoma Activist

Hey Mr. Richardson, we have the same last name! I simply loved this post - there's something so gratifying about an honest Christian speaking openly about Christ's call to charity. Myself, I am a bit of a lapsed Christian, having delved into history and found that Christ has little or no corroborating historical evidence to prove his existence other than the four gospels, but I am still amazed and overjoyed at the tremendous power of the gospels to transform lives and give people the courage to do great things.

I don't know where you stand politically, or if you are opposed or in favor of continued hostilities in Iraq, but I would love to have you visit our blog and chime in once in a while. Regardless of what you may have heard, the Left does not hate soldiers. In fact, we love our men and women in uniform. We simply want you guys to have the best equipment, the best training, the best support and planning, and the best missions that affirm, rather than destroy, life on Earth. If you can get with that, please check us out at:

Peter Funke

While surfing for materials on what it means to be a Christian Soldier, I encounterd your blog this morning. I am deeply moved. So many of us go through the motions, discussing our need as Christians to spread the word..generally feeling inadequate in our efforts. You have set the true example...risking life and limb to convey His Word into the darkness. God bless you and the other Christian Warriors spreading the love of Christ.


hello!i'm from spain, i'm 16..i don't speak english very well, but i love EEUU, and you, the soldiers! the people aways say that you're murderers..but i don't think so..i think that you're heros..i admire you, but nobody understand here! i only want to be like you, the soldiers, it's my dream of everynight! please anwer me soon! bye


Hi. It's too bad you guys can't communicate to spread the gospel. Maybe you could hand out Bibles in their languages? I live in South Africa, and have been on a missions trip to a village here. You can read about it on my blog. I will soon go on another missions trip to Mozambique, and will write a post about that too, if anyone is interested. Thank you for posting from Iraq.


Hey Shawn!
Those photos bring back memories. I have more photos of that trip if you want them!

Mr. Kim

Hi.. First of all, I'd like to say to be glad to talk with you. Actually, I'm doing some homework in my class, so I want to ask you about the Iraq war. Do you agree to the Iraq war or Do you want the Iraq war to stop? If you want to reply to me, please send the message to my email address. Thank you for your replying and take care of you.



I am a Christian and a mother of a son who just arrived in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne. I think what you guys are doing is an example of what American stands for, "One Nation, Under God", and I wish the media would pick up on more stories like yours instead of the negative ones. Unfortunately, people like Senator Reid are deaf when it comes to positive things in Iraq.


"Every man has his price. Mine is $3.95."



hi,. First of all my name is Dorian and I belong to the French commandos ( i think that it's like your Navy seals ) I am currently in afghanstant and I have the same feelings as you. I am very proud of America and especially your work. good luck and god save us. Friendly

" even if we don't defend the same country, we defend the same beliefs "


What an awesome child of GOD you are Shawn. I just happened upon your blog and read how you spent your birthday in Iraq. What a true display of faith, trust and living the life God intended for us - while dealing with, of all things - war. Its so refreshing to see a genuine heart for those victimized and letting go of self, especially when your life is in jeopardy. Jesus did the same. You are, what I believe the majority of Americans are proud to have representing our country. I'm sure God has placed many people in your presence to say "See? Here I am. I love you." My prayers are with you and your family. God bless YOU and THANK YOU!

Abu Muslim


Muslims don't want Western Christian to give them charity after raining radiation, tonnes of ballistic weapons and reeking destruction on their heads. Iraq had a dictator supported by the West/US, like much of the Muslim world. This episode in colonial history will be righted by those who know the difference between God, Lord of the Universe and Jesus, His Messenger and the Messiah.

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